The harmony of ‘Skinship’ and ‘That Shoot’. There has never been a more certain winning formula than this.

Seoul SK won a dramatic come-from-behind victory with 92-91 in the second leg of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball semifinal playoff against Changwon LG held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th, with a series record of 2 wins and 0 losses, 100% (28/28) He won the odds of advancing to the championship match.

In SK, Heo Il-young (24 points, 6 rebounds) and Jameel Warney (40 points, 11 rebounds, 2 block shots) played great. ‘Skin Line’ and ‘That Shot’ broke the rim and broke LG. Leon Williams scored a dramatic winning goal in the last minute.스포츠토토

SK, which had been pushed back until the 4th quarter, eventually won another come-from-behind victory and only one step left to advance to the championship game for the second consecutive season.

For LG, Reggie Perry (31 points, 13 rebounds) and Lee Kwan-hee (19 points, 4 rebounds) fought hard, but they lacked concentration again. The semi-final victory they were aiming for after 8 years was not achieved this time either.

SK struggled with Warney’s yatu hunting in the beginning of the game. Perry’s rim attack gave up and gave up the initiative. Kim Seon-hyung and Heo Il-young counterattacked. Heo Il-young changed the atmosphere by actively using mismatches while going back and forth. Choi Seong-won’s 3-point shot and Oh Jae-hyun’s steal led SK to lead 24-22 in the first quarter.

SK’s lead continued in the second quarter. Warney’s one-man show unfolded. After Oh Jae-hyun’s steal, he dominated the atmosphere with a successful dunk. However, in the middle, things changed. LG allowed a 37-38 reversal in the pursuit of Lee Jae-do. Afterwards, it did not lead to support fire other than Warney and stumbled. Even with Heo Il-young’s help, SK lost its focus. In the end, the first half ended with a 43-46, 3-point lead.

The second half started with Warney and Perry’s showdown. SK’s chase didn’t gain strength, but Choi Bu-gyeong and Heo Il-young’s supporting fire kept the gap to a single digit. The problem was the ferry blockade. Mid-range jumpers were allowed in succession, and the effect of the chase disappeared. SK finished the third quarter with a 64-71, 7-point lead.

In the 4th quarter, SK pursued with Warney’s tenacious under-the-goal strategy. This time, Heo Il-young took aim at the rim again and tied the score at 75-75. It turned 76-75 by adding a free throw from Perry’s technical foul. After Bukyung Choi and Warney’s rebound, Andone played, SK dominated the flow like this.

SK also suffered from the pursuit of LG with Lee Kwan-hee and Perry at the fore. However, after Kim Seon-hyung’s breakthrough, Warney’s goal was able to overcome the crisis. Perry, Justin Gutang, and Yun Won-sang scored consecutively, 89-90, and SK suddenly allowed a turnaround. Despite the bad news that even Warney was fouled out, Leon Williams eventually succeeded in scoring the winning goal and achieved a dramatic victory.

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