“I have to take over as shortstop in the future”.

It is the command tower’s subtle inducement of competition. Joo-jeon pretends not to know, but he can’t be bothered. Will Kim Do-young (19), who is entering his second year, and Park Chan-ho (27), who has established himself as a shortstop, form a competitive structure? It is a long-term battle that leads to the Arizona spring camp as well as the second camp in Okinawa and the demonstration game in March. 

Manager Kim Jong-guk said of Kim Do-yeong, “If you firmly secure a position, the team will become that much stronger. I will appoint you as a third baseman and shortstop. In the future, it is good for the team to settle down as a shortstop.” Kim Do-young is being evaluated for showing improved batting skills compared to last year at the Arizona camp. 

This year, Kim Do-yeong will definitely be raised as a starter. He joined as a genius rookie last year and started as a leadoff and third baseman in the opening game. The prestige of winning first place in the demonstration game was amazing. However, he struggled with power pitches and manned pitches from opposing pitchers and was pushed back. He appeared primarily as a big defense and pinch runner, with occasional starts.

His first half was rough, but he got better as time went on. In the second half, he showed adaptability, posting a batting average of 2.8 and 3. His feet are fast and his defense is stable, so if he only supports the blow, he is the starting point. If Kim Do-young only hits, the power of the KIA karate becomes that much stronger. The patterns of attack and scoring are completely different.  온라인카지노

As for the position, it seems that he is competing with Ryu Ji-hyuk and Byun Woo-hyuk for the third base. His commanding tower does not stop there, and he is also inducing competition with shortstop Park Chan-ho. It is said that Kim Do-young is a candidate for shortstop. He didn’t just stop talking. At the Arizona camp, Kim Do-young trains for two shortstops and one day for third base among the three-day training schedule.  

Nevertheless, Park Chan-ho’s position is still unsettled. Park Chan-ho basically shines with excellent defense and running ability that won the king of stealing twice. In the 2022 season, he made a leap forward to hitting. He posted a batting average of 2.7 and 2. with 45 runs batted in and 81 runs scored. His on-base percentage (.344) and slugging percentage (.341) are also on the rise. He rose to the top of the high school and raised his annual salary to 200 million won. 

As the probability of hitting hit increased, the quality of the hitting ball became stronger and faster. He spent four full-time seasons in a row and even showed off how to manage his physical strength. Now he has enough technical skills and experience to challenge the 300 batting average. He is looking at a higher place, the birth of a perfect 30% shortstop. 

Director Kim is aiming for a win-win effect by positioning Kim Do-young as a competitor to Park Chan-ho. When he has competitors, he can’t help but try to do better. It seems that the intention is to raise Kim Do-young as the starting pitcher while maximizing Park Chan-ho’s blow. The best-case scenario is the two players entering the starting lineup side by side. 

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