“I never knew I would be chosen.”

On the 29th, the ‘Star Festival’ Dodram 2022-23 V-League All-Star Game will be held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium. 40 male and female representatives of Korean volleyball, including Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Han Seon-seon (Korean Air), Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C), and Shin Young-seok (Korea Electric Power), will shine.

While the All-Star Game is already sold out amidst a lot of interest from fans, only one new male and female player has been invited to the festival of stars. The main character is Choi Hyo-seo (19), a libero rookie of KGC Ginseng Corporation. Choi Hyo-seo received a total of 56,493 votes and was named Z-Star Libero. She is going to the all-star game with a fan vote, not a player recommended by a professional committee.

Choi Hyo-seo, a native of Hanbom High School, was nominated by KGC Ginseng Corporation in the 2nd round, 6th place in the 2022 women’s rookie draft. At the time of her nomination, she was more famous as Choi Jung-min’s younger sister at IBK Industrial Bank, but as the season began, she made a name for herself among fans for her skills as Choi Hyo-seo.

She played an active role as the main libero of KGC Ginseng Corporation while Nolan was injured and her troubles were stagnant. She played 17 matches and 43 sets, a relatively large number for a rookie, although she has been playing as a one-point server rather than a libero lately. She has a 29.52% receiving efficiency and 2.419 digs per set.

Ko Hee-jin, director of KGC Ginseng Corporation, said, “Choi Hyo-seo has a volleyball sense. She has a sense of security, she has good posture, and she has senses. I think she will get better as she goes.”

Choi Hyo-seo, who recently spoke with MK Sports in Sintanjin, Daejeon, where the KGC Ginseng Corporation clubhouse is located, said, “When she first heard that she was selected for the All-Star Game, she was amazed. She had no idea she would be chosen. She’s nice, and since she’s a rookie on her own, I’m a bit worried. Even so, she is encouraged by the people around her who support her saying, ‘Go and do well,’” she laughed. 슬롯사이트

Continuing her words, he said, “I think she was selected because she played a lot more than I thought. At first, she didn’t know how much to put in, but it feels good to go in a lot more than I thought. In high school, I had a lot of responsibility, but here, her older sisters told me to be comfortable, so I try to be comfortable.”

During Hanbom High School, he played the outside heater position. Despite his small stature of 171cm, he showed great success by using his elasticity to attack. But a pro is a pro. It is true that it is difficult for a striker with a height of 171 cm to succeed. So, after Choi Hyo-seo came to the pro, he only trained as a libero, and occasionally participated in sub training necessary to play the role of a serve.

He said, “When I was attacking in the past, even if I made a receiving mistake, it was okay because I just hit it and scored. But Libero is not like that. One mistake really touches me,” he said.

The libero he wants to emulate is Lim Myung-ok of the Korea Expressway Corporation, who is called ‘the best libero’. Choi Hyo-seo explained, “I seem to be very good at defending and finding where the ball comes from.” Lim Myung-ok ranks 1st in receive-defense and 4th in dig. Im Myung-ok is the libero that young liberos want to emulate the most these days.

There are still many shortcomings. Choi Hyo-seo, who says, “I have a good sense, but my feet are slower than I thought,” is currently pouring sweat into the KGC Ginseng Corporation trainers’ customized agility training. He is a player who is expected more tomorrow than today.

Lastly, Choi Hyo-seo said, “I want to be called a trustworthy player when I get on the court, and a stable player who doesn’t worry about it.” Because he can only get it once,” he smiled.

The volleyball of Choi Hyo-seo, the only rookie to sortie for the All-Star Game, is just beginning.

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