GS Caltex’s Spring Volleyball Hope Continues

Women’s professional volleyball coach Sang-hyun Cha at GS Caltex and coach Jong-min Kim at Road Corporation were born in 1974 and learned volleyball together at Ulsan Joongang Middle School and Masan Joongang High School. They boast of an informal ‘best friend chemistry’ to the extent that they argue with each other whenever they meet.

Coach Kim, who resigned from the Korean Air coaching position during the 2015-2016 season, took over as the head coach of the Korea Expressway Corporation from the 2016-2017 season, and coach Cha, who was the head coach at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, resigned midway through the resignation of coach Seon-gu Lee, women’s volleyball The confrontation of 30 years of friendship was concluded in the game.

Even in the 2022-2023 V-League 5th round confrontation between GS Caltex and Korea Expressway Corporation held at the Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 8th, from the pre-interview, the two best friend coaches joked and nervous. When I asked coach Cha whether he was ahead of the head-to-head matchup with coach Kim, he replied, “Don’t you know that I’m ahead of you without having to calculate it?” Director Cha jokingly said, “(Kim) Jong-min, I praised you” when he ran into director Kim entering the interview room. When I conveyed the contents of the interview with Director Cha to Director Kim, Director Kim laughed and said, “There won’t be that much of a difference…”.

The two coaches faced each other 37 times before the game, and Cha is slightly ahead with 21 wins and 16 losses. However, in the 2018-2019 playoffs, which were spring volleyball, coach Kim won with 2 wins and 1 loss.

Ahead of the game, the position of the two commanders was very different from Cheonyang. Highway Corporation has recently won 4 consecutive wins and is firmly holding its 3rd place, while GS Caltex broke the chain of 3 consecutive losses in the Pepper Savings Bank game on the 5th, but advances to spring volleyball are imminent. Director Cha said, “It is not easy because the recent momentum of the road construction has reached its peak,” but “the success or failure of this season depended on today and the 12th KGC Ginseng Construction. I will try to get the points somehow,” he said.

Did Director Cha’s earnestness work? GS Caltex players burst out blocking at every critical moment, and the attackers’ strong blows followed by a body-flying dig. In particular, capturing the first set, which was trailing 14-21, was decisive. They chased after each other and led the match with deuce, and won the first set with MoMA’s back attack and Moon Ji-yoon’s blocking. In the deuce match that continued in the second set, Kang So-hui’s quick open and Moma’s blocking won two points and won two sets to solidify the victory. The two teams faced off on the 27th of last month (the road construction won 3-1), and all four sets had a deuce. It was a deuce battle with six sets down. 메이저사이트

4th set after giving up 3rd set. At the moment when the atmosphere of entering the 5th set, trailing by 1 or 2 points until the end, GS Caltex’s native ace Kang So-hui stepped forward. He succeeded in a series of decisive quick opens and led GS Caltex to a 3-1 (26-24 27-25 20-25 25-21) victory. On this day, Kang So-hui became the number one contributor to the victory by driving 25 points, the highest personal score this season, with a high-sensitivity attack success rate of 60%.

GS Caltex, which added 3 points with 2 consecutive wins, jumped to 4th place, beating KGC Ginseng Corporation (38 points, 12 wins, 15 losses) with 39 points (13 wins, 14 losses). Road Corporation, whose winning streak stopped at ‘4’, maintained 3rd place (44 points, 15 wins and 12 losses) without adding points.

Coach Cha, who entered the interview room with a victory after the game, said, “If I lost today, spring volleyball would have been very difficult. The strong mentality of the players was shown to some extent. He said, “I think there is hope after winning 3 points.” He continued, “If you just stick with the road construction company, a close battle like this will unfold. If I were to face off against the road construction company, I would prepare for a blood-drying battle before going in,” he said. I will prepare well,” he added. 

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