Lebron James of the world was unfair, so he knelt down and was indignant. He was an obvious coming.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 121-125 after an overtime match against the Boston Celtics held at TD Garden on the 29th 온라인바카라.

All the victories were blown away because of the referee. In the last offensive situation in the fourth quarter regular time, the Lakers tried to break through LeBron and Jayson Tatum (Boston) hit him hard on the arm.

The score at the time was 105-105. Right before the end, Lebron needed two free throws. However, the referees declared no foul.

When the foul was not called at the time, the Lakers bench was in an uproar. The main players ran all over the place, and Patrick Beverly brought a camera and showed it to the referees.

The reaction of LeBron, a victim of misjudgment, is evaluated as one of the most extreme actions he has taken since his debut. He, too, expressed his anger by running around his coat, then fell to his knees and swallowed his anger. He clutched his head in agony and knelt down on his knees, almost crying.

According to the LA Times report after the game, the secretariat has already acknowledged that it made a mistake on the Lakers side and has even apologized. It’s a meaningless follow-up. The Lakers stole a precious first win. There are many fans who insist on further punishment by the referees. That’s why this visit was shocking.

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