Aitken’s chances of staying with the team have increased.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on the Phoenix Suns’ DeAndre Ayton on Saturday (Nov. 16).

Phoenix went all-in on Kevin Durant in a near-all-in trade this season, hoping to make a run at a championship. However, they were swept by Denver in the second round, ending their season earlier than expected.

After their disappointment, Phoenix is looking to make some changes this offseason. They’ll keep the one-two punch of Durant and Devin Booker, but they’ll look to bolster their remaining resources. Rumors of a move for either Aiken or Chris Paul were commonplace.

As the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft, a golden draft in NBA history, Aiken was highly sought after for his size and athleticism. However, his development to date has been somewhat disappointing compared to the expectations he had when he was drafted. As it stands, Aitken is a quality big man in the league, but many are disappointed that he hasn’t realized his full potential.

He’s also been criticized for his lack of focus and determination, and his passivity this season has drawn a lot of criticism. The process of signing an extension with the club was not smooth, and Aitken’s behavior at times risked damaging teamwork.

Eventually, Phoenix decided to let him go and look to add depth with other players.

But interest in Aitken, whose stock has dropped, has been less than expected. It’s hard to see a team being willing to take on Aitken, who is due to make more than $32 million next season. His value has dropped so much that it’s hard for Phoenix to get the counteroffer it wants.

“The difficulty for Phoenix right now is the lack of market interest in DeAndre Ayton,” Wojnarowski said. They’ve looked at the market and they don’t think there’s a clear demand for him. They have to be prepared to stick with him.”

Perhaps Aitken’s retention could be a call to arms. New Phoenix head coach Frank Vogel spoke highly of Aitken at his introductory press conference and said he would help him develop. Vogel has won a championship with Anthony Davis.메이저놀이터

“I think DeAndre can be one of the best centers in the league,” Vogel said, “and there’s still room for him to improve offensively, but I want to work with him and help him rebound to an All-Star level.

Aitken is a player who, if he can utilize his talents and become more involved in the game, can contribute much more to the team than he currently does. Phoenix fans will be interested to see where Aitken ends up.

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