Park Jeong-ah (30), a native ace of the Korea Expressway Corporation, is recovering little by little after the sluggishness at the beginning of the season.

On the 31st, the Korea Expressway Corporation will play the first league match against Ginseng Corporation in Daejeon after the All-Star Game break. Currently, the road construction is in 3rd place with 38 points, but it is a short gap from 4th place Ginseng Corporation (35 points) and 5th place GS Caltex (33 points).

One of the concerns of the road construction was that the ace Park Jung-ah’s attack power did not rise. In fact, Park Jung-ah’s season has not been smooth. He joined after spending a long time with the national team before the season, but his immune system plummeted and he contracted shingles and missed the first round. He seemed to gradually improve his condition in the second round, but this time he struggled throughout the third round with a toe injury holding him back. 스포츠토토

In particular, in the match against Pepper Savings Bank on December 31 last year, it had the worst attack success rate (7.4%) and gave the opponent its first win after the opening. While Park Jung-ah was sluggish, the team’s offense fell to 5th out of 7 teams (team attack success rate 35.8%). There is a significant gap between Hyundai E&C (41.4%), which ranks first in this sector, and Ginseng Corporation (40.0%), which ranks fourth.

However, Park Jung-ah played as a substitute in the Pepper Savings Bank game on the 12th, the first game of the 4th round, and showed a different condition with 12 points and an attack success rate of 45.8%. increased to 37.8%.

In the match against GS Caltex held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th, he scored 29 points and scored 39.3% of the attack success rate, contributing to the team’s victory. Above all, he succeeds in scoring in difficult attacks at every critical moment, confirming the aspect of ‘Clutch Park’. Also, on the 21st, against Heungkuk Life Insurance, he broke through his personal career of 5,000 points (5th in history) with the smallest game ever (337 games), raising momentum. Park Jung-ah said, “After I went to the national team, I couldn’t manage properly, but I got time to recover with a short break. It’s not 100% yet, but little by little (condition) is improving.”

It’s not perfect, but if Park Jung-ah, who has started reorganization, plays her role in the attack, she can take a step ahead in the league’s middle-ranking battle, which is a hassle for advancing to spring volleyball. Recently, a new foreign player, Catbell, joined the team and does her part, and the center guarded by Bae Yoo-na and Jeong Dae-young, and the defensive line between Myung-ok Lim and Jung-won Moon are still the strongest in the league. Park Jung-ah said, “There were few people who picked Expressway Corporation as a ‘three-final candidate’ before the season, but we finished the first half in third place.” It will be worth trying with Heungkuk Life Insurance,” he predicted a counterattack.

Meanwhile, in the V-League, from the 31st game, spectators can cheer without wearing masks.

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