Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde is believed to have hit an opponent.

On the 9th (Korean time), Spanish media ‘As’ said, “According to various sources, Valverde hit Alex Baena in the face after the match against Villarreal. Villarreal claimed to have a video of Valverde assaulting him, and the local police also He acknowledged this.”

Valverde played the 28th round of the 2022-23 Primera Liga with Villarreal at the Santiago Bernabeu that day. In the middle of the second half, Valverde, who was substituted for Karim Benzema, often fought nerves with Baena on the ground.먹튀검증

Perhaps because of that, Valverde waited for Baena in front of Villarreal’s squad bus after the game, and it is understood that he hit the opponent’s face while looking at his smartphone. In this regard, Villarreal’s delegation, Francisco Nadal, poured out criticism, saying, ” Valverde is a gangster and a coward.”

However, according to the statements of eyewitnesses at the scene, it seems that Baena, who was assaulted, first quarreled with Valverde. The weight of insulting his family is given as Valverde punches Baena in the face and yells, “Tell me about my child again.”

Spain’Marca’ also said, “I contacted Valverde and acknowledged the assault. However, Baena told Valverde in the past, ‘Your child will not be born. Cry now.'” The sediment accumulated from the past led to this assault.

If Valverde’s claim is true, it’s understandable why he couldn’t hold back his anger at Baena. Valverde threatened to miscarry his second child earlier in the year. He gave birth in good health and is building a beautiful family.

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