Reporter Han Nam-jik = In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), 10 players from the St. Louis Cardinals of the American professional baseball team will participate.

Four players, including Adam Wainwright, Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Eranado, and Miles Mycolors, were selected for the U.S. national team, and infielder Tommy Hyun-soo Edman, who is an American national but has a Korean mother, will play for the Korean national team.

Las Nutba (Japan), Tyler O’Neill (Canada), Andre Palante (Italy), Henesis Cabrera (Dominican Republic), and Giovanni Gallegos (Mexico) also made the WBC national team, depending on their nationality or the nationality of their parents.

In addition, legendary catcher Yadier Molina, who played for St. Louis until last year, will lead the team as Puerto Rico’s manager.

This is why the WBC comes to the fore when St. Louis players gather.

On the 8th (Korean time), Wainwright, Goldschmidt, and Eronado held a video interview with American media such as on the subject of the WBC.

Wainwright, who is retiring after the 2023 season, aspired to “I want to compete in international competitions with the US national team,” and boarded the 2023 WBC US national team.

St. Louis old fans can’t wait to see the USA and Puerto Rico meet in the final, just like the 2017 WBC.

In the 2023 WBC, the United States belongs to Group C and Puerto Rico belongs to Group D, so the two teams can meet after the quarterfinals.

Wainwright said, “Molina said, ‘Because you’re my brother, you should play for Puerto Rico.’ I know,” he replied, revealing a pleasant conversation between the two. 온라인바카라

Molina competed as a Puerto Rican player in all four WBC tournaments from 2006 to 2017, and this 5th tournament is played as a command tower.

Wainwright and Molina breathed on battery for a whopping 327 games and 2,155 innings in the major leagues. expected, “If the United States and Puerto Rico face each other, we will see Wainwright and Molina meet as enemies for the first time.”

Goldschmidt and Eronado had the pleasure of winning against Puerto Rico at the 2017 WBC.

At the time, Goldschmidt played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Eronado played for the Colorado Rockies and was selected for the U.S. national team.

Goldschmidt said, “The United States had never won the championship until the 3rd tournament, so I played with a lot of pressure at the 2017 WBC. I really wanted to win and I succeeded.” I hope it is. It was actually the best moment I’ve ever experienced.”

Eronado also said, “I always get a special feeling before the opening of the major leagues, but in 2017, I played in a great atmosphere before the opening, and at that time there was no special feeling at the opening.” Edman speaks aggressively about the WBC. It’s already exciting,” he said, revealing his anticipation for the 2023 WBC in March.

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