Kim Hye-seong of Kiwoom Heroes could not hide his excitement ahead of the call for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team. He was excited to run with the Heroes seniors and juniors wearing the Taegeuk mark.

Since his professional debut, Kim Hye-seong will wear the second Taegeuk mark in the WBC following the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. She met Kim Hye-sung at spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. During her interview, when the story of the WBC team came up, she said, “I’m excited and I’m preparing well.”

When asked what it would be like to go to the national team, she said, “It’s so good. It’s a good moment that can’t be expressed in words, and I think it’s a meaningful and such a moment, I’m happy,” she said with a heartwarming expression, and she laughed.

She prepared harder than ever for the WBC. Kim Hye-seong said, “After the season, I took a week off and started training right away. She was preparing to exercise early because she might be selected for the national team,” he said. He has been doing it for the third year this year,” he noted.

What are the advantages of technical training from an early age? He said, “It’s good to keep watching the batting ball. Seeing them at camp for the first time in a while gives a sense of unfamiliarity and heterogeneity. Although it is not a real game, if you keep watching the batting ball, you can adapt quickly and feel less pressure in the camp.” 메이저사이트

The WBC national team was summoned from Tucson on the 15th with 28 members excluding Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) and Tommy Edman (St. Louis), and started official training on the 16th.  

Kim Hye-seong can perform various duties such as second baseman, shortstop, and runner. He said, “When the national team was first convened in early January, the coach would give each of them a role to play, so he asked me to play that role well. When he is called up for training, he wonders if he will be given the role. If you give a lot of roles, you have to do well in all of them.”

During training camp in Tucson, major league infielders Kim Ha-seong and Edmund cannot join. Kim Hye-sung said, “Ha Sung-hyung was nominated for the Gold Glove last year, and Edmund is a Gold Glove winner. I look forward to playing together.” Kim Hye-seong is expected to play a keystone duo with Oh Ji-hwan in the practice game. During the tournament, various infield combinations are possible. 

Kim Hye-seong expected to play for the national team along with Heroes Jeon Hyun players such as Kim Ha-seong. He said, “If I go out in the middle of the game or do well in the competition, I could play a keystone combination with Ha Sung-hyung, but it would be great if I did. Team senior Lee Ji-young can play as catcher, and center fielder Lee Jung-hoo, who joined the team, can play. 

On the 17th, the national team played a practice game (7 innings) against NC at the Tucson Keno Complex. Kim Hye-seong started as a second baseman in No. 9. Park Byeong-ho was the first baseman on his left, Lee Ji-young was the catcher, and Lee Jung-hoo was the starting center fielder. Except for Ha-seong Kim, who is training at the San Diego spring camp, all players from the Heroes Kim Hye-seong dreamed of participated. It would have been full of ‘heroic pride’. 

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