Gwangju FC midfielder Jeong Ho-yeon is looking forward to competing with prominent players on the K-League 1 stage. In particular, the player I want to meet is Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United).

On the 8th, a press conference was held in Gwangju for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju-do. Gwangju, which topped the K-League 2 last season, is preparing to return to the K-League 1 by conducting off-season training in Chiang Rai and Jeju, Thailand.

Midfielder Jeong Ho-yeon, born in 2000, was one of Gwangju’s best performers last season. Living up to coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s expectations, he established himself as the team’s main midfielder in his first year as a pro. He appeared in 36 games, a record that ranked third on the team for most appearances. He also recorded one goal and four assists while appearing in more games than he expected.

He’s taking on another challenge this season. He is preparing for his first season in K League 1. Jeong Ho-yeon, whom I met at the media camp, said, “K-League 1 is another league I’m experiencing for the first time. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere of the game. I’ll meet a lot of good players, but I’m both nervous and excited.”

As the player he wants to play against, he picked veteran midfielder Shin Jin-ho, who performed the best last season. He said, “Since last year, the coach has often told me that I have to play like Shin Jin-ho. So I looked for a lot of videos. I think I can learn a lot while playing against him.”

The following is an interview with Jeong Ho-yeon

and his feelings on the K-League 1 stage

K-League 1 is another league that I experience for the first time. The atmosphere of the game is expected. You will meet a lot of good players, so it is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Last year, since I was a rookie, I thought I would just bump into them, so I think I need to prepare better this year. (Is there a player you want to play against?) Since last year, the coach has often said that you should play like Shin Jin-ho. So he looked up a lot of videos. I think we can learn a lot while dealing with each other. He played many games in his debut season, but it was difficult to adapt at first,

seeing how it was after playing a season as a pro .

The tempo and pressure of the game were different from what I thought. Still, the coach continued to help me adapt and gave me a chance. It almost feels like I played the entire game. He never thought he could run that far. It was my intention to do my best in the given opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to participate in many games. I was able to grow while playing the game.

As much as I am grateful, if I have to brag about director Lee Jung-hyo, he is

usually very friendly. make it easy to approach There are times when you come to me by joking around first. The coach has a passion for soccer, so he is adamant during training, but if you focus on those two hours or two and a half hours, he will make it easier for you at other times. When you do something well, they compliment you well. (Can you remember any compliments?) The coach considers the movement of the person who does not have the ball important. He liked it when he got compliments on his moves.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo said that the goal is the growth of players and talked about the selection of the national team. He

always says that growth is the goal. He says that players cannot grow by only defending, and tells how to attack and how to handle the ball. He is often told not to be satisfied and to constantly challenge himself.

If so, do you have any greed for the upcoming Asian Games and the Olympic team?

Of course I want to go. But these aren’t competitions you can go to if you want to. There are many good players on the national team. You have to become a player who can get along with those players. The priority is to play in the team and do well. If you follow the orders of the coach and the team performs well, wouldn’t there be a chance to get noticed?

Coach Lee Jung-hyo declared that he would continue playing attacking football, and how he is preparing

. He always emphasizes that defense should be the basis first, and that if the defense is not good, you cannot play. To attack, our team needs to have the ball. And to do that, you have to make sure your opponent doesn’t have the ball. In that respect, the coach gives very detailed instructions on the pressure on the opponent, the speed of defensive transition when the ball is stolen, understanding of space, and position. 메이저사이트

What do you personally want to improve on?

A lot. If I have to pick one, I want to deliver good forward passes to the penetrating players. There are a lot of cross-passes. I want to become a player who can pass forward a little more.

Is there a stage you want to jump on someday?

I want to play in the Spanish league. I play ball-based soccer, and I want to experience what it feels like. (Do you often watch Spanish La Liga games?) I watch Barcelona a lot. I especially like Frankie Theyong. I also watch the video of The Yong’s ball touch separately.

What is your goal this season?

I want to play more than 30 games. There is no greed for awards. (Are they not on the original side, or are they not there yet?) Not ‘ yet’ (laughs). You have to do better to win the prize.

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