Cho Chul-sang (65), who is famous for ‘Brother Golfer’ and ‘The Man in Overtime’, set an immortal record on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour. He is the only player to win the championship without bogey during the 4th round of 72 holes.

In August 1990, at the Phantom Open held at 88CC, he won 5 victories in his career with 11 under par and 277 strokes. He won the first no-bogi victory on the Korean Tour, and no junior has achieved this record in 32 years.

Cho Cheol-sang won the first professional golf tournament held at Gwanak CC in October 1986 after an extended match against his older brother Jo Ho-sang. It is a rare scene for brothers to face each other on the Korean Tour, and it is also a record that the winner was eclipsed in overtime.

At the Korean Open held at New Korea CC in October 1989, he won the championship by playing with Yang Yong-nam to the 6th overtime. It remained the longest overtime game until Wi Chang-soo and Kang Wook-soon played the 7th overtime at SK Telecom in 2001. This is the ‘man of record’.

‘Baby tiger’ Kim Joo-hyung (21, Nike) won the no-bogi championship at the Shriners Children’s Open (total prize money of 8 million dollars) of the PGA Tour held at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA last October. He surprised the world with a no-bogey record, becoming the third player ever to win two wins on the PGA Tour before turning 21. It is unknown whether Kim Joo-hyung will appear on the Korean tour, but it is worth challenging the only record held by Jo Chul-sang. 먹튀검증

In addition to Kim Joo-hyung, players on the Korean Tour are dreaming of winning the no-bogi championship. His perfect performance, which does not allow a single mistake for four days, not only boosts confidence but also raises the interest of fans.

According to the statistics released by the KPGA in the process of organizing various records, 596 tournaments were held at 140 golf courses from 1958 to last year. There were 214 winners, but it is surprising that there was only one nobogi victory. Among the 214 winners, 145 were Koreans. ‘Legend’ Choi Sang-ho (69) also holds an immortal record with 43 wins.

Among the 140 golf courses where the Korean Tour has been held, Namseoul CC has held 41 tournaments and remains the place that has contributed the most to the development of men’s golf. Seoul CC held 37 competitions and the now-defunct Gwanak CC held 36 competitions, but it is virtually impossible to catch up with Namseoul CC.

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