Woori Bank, the strongest team in women’s professional basketball, confirmed their regular season championship yesterday after 25 games.

With top forward Kim Dan-bi joining, he showed off his overwhelming power throughout the season.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

This season was overwhelming for Woori Bank, who confirmed the championship early with 5 regular league games left.

Woori Bank, which took the lead from the beginning of the season, continued to lead without hesitation, winning 14 consecutive wins in the first half.

Woori Bank’s power was strong enough to rank first in team average points (73.9 points) and minimum points allowed (59.6 points), rebounds (43.1), assists (20.2), and three-point shots (8.8). 메이저사이트

Kim Dan-bi, the best forward in women’s basketball who moved to Woori Bank with only one goal in mind, rewarded her faith with a performance that surpassed her name value.

The glory of the regular league MVP is virtually certain.

[Wi Seong-Woo / Asan Woori Bank Manager: I think Dan-Bi Kim’s ease of pressure was the driving force behind winning the regular season.]

Coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo, who leads Woori Bank, has won 6 combined championships and 8 regular league championships over the past 10 years. was [Wi Seong-wu / Coach of Asan Woori Bank: I think I still have a lot to learn because I met good players and achieved good results, so I will continue to study harder so that I can achieve better results with the players.]

Sometimes with fiery reprimands, sometimes with warm praises, he led the growth of the players.

The ‘strongest’ Woori Bank, which has increased the record for the most wins in the regular league to 14 times, is now looking to win the championship match 5 years after the 2017-2018 season.

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