Manager Kim Sang-sik praised captain Yang Hee-jong.

Anyang KGC will face off against the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Wonju DB at Anyang Gymnasium on the 26th. KGC, which currently has magic number 1 left, will win the regular league championship if it wins the match today. As it is the last home game of the season, it is expected that they will do their best to win the championship.

KGC director Kim Sang-sik said, “It is really fierce until the end. He didn’t say much to the players. If our team always loses in defense and rebounding, the offense works well. We lost too many rebounds in the previous game. He stressed the importance of rebounding to players. Since we are still holding onto the No. 1 spot, I said that we should do our best with pride.” 안전놀이터

At halftime on this day, KGC’s eternal captain Yang Hee-jong’s retirement ceremony will be held. Yang Hee-jong, who joined KT&G, the predecessor of KGC, in 2007 is a one-club man who only played in Anyang. KGC prepared a retirement ceremony and a permanent breeding ceremony for Yang Hee-jong.

“It is the epitome of sincerity. Technically good, good defensively, but solid in many ways. He is an example player who can learn a lot from his juniors. I currently have some calf injuries. But I know the importance of today’s game. I believe he will enter the middle of the game and faithfully play an important role.” This is what director Kim Sang-sik said about Yang Hee-jong.

One of the driving forces that KGC was able to run first in the regular league this season was Yang Hee-jong, who played his role as captain. Yang Hee-jong did an excellent job as a bridge between the players and the coaching staff.

Manager Kim Sang-sik said, “My coaches and I were appointed last year. (Yang) Hee-jong must know the circumstances of the team. He is not a coach, but he has a role similar to that of a coach. I deliberately call them during operation time and share opinions. He was very helpful in many ways” and expressed his gratitude to Yang Hee-jong.

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