Yonsei University shouted for revival in faraway Irvine ahead of the new season.

Along with rival Korea University, Yonsei University, which solidified the Yanggang system in the college basketball U-League, fell into crisis right after the opening of the 2022 season. Coach Eun Hee-seok, who had coached the team for a long time, suddenly left the team, and due to injuries to some key players, it was difficult to even pack a complete team, so it was a series of difficulties throughout the season.

On top of that, in the quarterfinal playoff game, Konkuk University got caught and ended the season early, losing face.

After a difficult season, Yonsei University suddenly promoted acting head coach Yun Ho-jin to head coach in January, and started preparations for the season in earnest, and immediately began field training in Irvine, USA.

During the field training period, Yonsei University is repeating skill training, tactics, and weight training unlike before. It’s not immediately noticeable, but coach Yun Ho-jin’s judgment is that each player’s ability is improving. 먹튀검증

Director Yoon explained the training results so far, saying, “The performance of the field training was not outstanding as I did not practice in earnest, but my individual ability improved a lot. I think the key is how to use it in future games.” did.

Yonsei University has joined a large number of players who are immediately regarded as a sense of power across all positions this season.

In particular, Lee Chae-hyeong (187cm, G) and Lee Joo-young (189cm, G), who led the team to the top in 22 years at the U18 Asian Games, are expected to fill the gap left by Yang Jun-seok (Changwon LG).

Regarding this, coach Yoon said, “It seems that the team is adapting smoothly. They adapt quickly and follow the training well, so it seems that they will show off their abilities well when the season starts. In addition to them, big men such as Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min are also working hard. I’m learning, so I’ll make my inside power even stronger,” he said, revealing his anticipation for the new students.

Finally, coach Yoon said, “There are no special injuries so far, and we have been training well. Starting from this Friday, we will start a full-scale practice game, and we will all work hard to show Yonsei a different appearance from last season.” expressed his feelings about it.

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