Jin Yoon-seong (28, Goyang City Hall) and Jang Yeon-hak (26, Asan City Hall) placed second and third in the men’s 102kg class at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Yunseong Jin lifted 180kg of snatch, 218kg of jerk, and 398kg in total in the men’s 102kg class A group match held at Jinju Gymnasium on the 12th.

He finished 5th in impressions, but moved up to 2nd in sweeps and finished 2nd in total.

Nurgisa Adirethuli (Kazakhstan) took the first place in the total weight class with 400kg (181kg lift, 219kg jerk).

Jin Yun-seong tried to win the 221 kg in the 3rd phase of the jerk, but unfortunately missed the barbell.

After the game, Jin Yun-seong said, “I suffered a knee injury while preparing for this competition, so my training was insufficient. I’m glad I won a medal, but I’m not satisfied with the record.”

Jin Yun-seong is a Korean male weightlifter who ranked second consecutively in the men’s 102kg class at the 2019 and 2021 World Championships.

At the Asian Championships, where she competed in a less than perfect body, Yunseong Jin took second place in total.

Unlike the Olympics and Asian Games, where medals are awarded only for total records, the Asian Championships awarded medals in all three categories: impression, jerk, and total.

Yunseong Jin harvested his two silver medals that day.

Jang Yeon-hak took first place in this category with a weight of 182 kg in the impression.

However, he was pushed to 5th place with 210kg in the weight loss, and finished 3rd in the most important total (392kg).

Jang Yeon-hak, who won her one gold medal and one bronze medal, smiled brightly, saying, “I have a good rival Jin Yun-seong in the same weight class. My goal is always to surpass Jin Yun-seong.”온라인카지노

Jang Yeon-hak won a silver medal in the 85kg class at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Jang Yeon-hak, who later moved up to the 96kg class, competed in the 102kg class.

Jang Yeon-hak said, “Today, I had my first real match in the 102kg class. In the future, I plan to go back and forth between the 102kg and 109kg classes.”

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